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 'Although she be but little, she is fierce'

~  Shakespeare

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Everyone has their inner ‘fierce’ it depends on what awakens it. I want to tap in to Yours.

I was around 7 years old, I was bullied regularly at school, enduring months of physical and mental abuse by a rather large girl, let’s say!


She stood twice my height, (which wasn’t hard!), but terrified the life out of me. My experience with her would be the first time I ever tapped into this gumption I never knew I had.

So...totally out of the blue, I decided enough was enough, I stood up to her and forced myself to see what would happen, until I  heard the words “OK shrimp I’ll see you at ‘scrap corner’ after school!”


What had I done? Yikes! Well I guess it was challenge accepted !  I went to the 'fight', knees knocking, waved my arms around a bit, as you do! ... and to my complete surprise she backed away after a few minutes , and apologised.  It sounds silly but from that moment, I never looked back. There is something about being out of your comfort zone that brings future power and confidence...try it....get uncomfortable!

Thank you for taking the time to read about who I am and what Health Hut UK is all about.   I hope by the end of my story, I have ignited a little spark in you to come and train with me and join our ever growing fitness community, where we support and inspire each other to succeed. 

I am not for everyone, but I certainly try to be!


Finding your inspiration is important. Who inspires and motivates YOU?  If you struggle with this , I can help, and with your commitment, those body and fitness goals will become a reality.

As a child I wanted to be like Olga Korbut the legendary gymnast, simply because she was small and powerful, I watched her for hours!

olga (1).jfif

I took every sport, exercise class I could get my hands on in school, representing them in long jump, javelin, sprinting, tennis, netball, hockey ... you get the picture! It brought me peace of mind and a new-found confidence within myself, that I have relied on throughout my life thus far. If you haven’t tapped into this yet, it is NEVER too late.



So, I am now 17 and spot a film I want to parents thought I had gone bonkers, giving me quite a lecture about my new inspiration.... Arnold Schwarzenegger 'Pumping Iron'. His drive and clear ambition are totally inspiring , the vision and dedication is unwavering and remains so today.

My Inspiration
Feel the fear
No excuses


In my 20’s & 30’s, as life twists and turns for everyone, I’d had my heart broken, lost and gained weight, money and friends, given birth to an amazing Son, who I raised single handed... to name but a few.  In my back pocket was always this supply of strength even if I had to dig deep. I was  still training and teaching others and recall my 'little boy' sitting in gyms and classes with his colouring books taking it all in ... later to become my best gym rival and continuing inspiration.

Fitness was and IS my best friend. If you throw away the excuses, and commit to the goal, however small that step may be, I guarantee you will never look back. 

Having my fitness qualifications meant more to me than anything and my teaching felt right, I also trained as an Accountant, and although grateful for the money, I hated most of it, as it represented conformity. 

I worked three jobs at a time to pay my mortgage but despite a crazy schedule, I still knew I had to find the time to work out, even if it was in front of the TV with the only time I had left in a day.


I found myself rendezvousing with Gladiators, travelling with a well-known male dance group for some time and, making friends with female bodybuilders like Miss International Tonya Knight, inducted in the 2011 IFBB Hall of Fame. Coincidence? Maybe!​I prefer to think I was surrounding myself with what excites me. One drawback.... check out my lovely 80’s perm!


Tonya Knight Shelley B .jpg

My biggest gym rival and daily my Son Nathan
"I recall my little boy sitting in gyms and classes with his colouring books taking it all in".

TURNING 50  -   STOP !

Hitting 50 these days really isn’t the end of the world anymore and certainly not a time for a meltdown, despite those who insist it is! You know who 'they' are.  Nope, not time to cut your hair short and start wearing old cardigans and throw away your make-up either, ...apologies if I offended anyone who likes that look!


The questions I got when I turned 50 were something like.... “I guess you just want to forget this birthday huh?” Or “time to slow down then”?  I THINK NOT! I truly felt like I had to embrace this milestone, in a really good way, like okay Shelley, you are half way through your life, time to prepare for the rest of it.  There were challenges for sure...!


My hormones were having a party I didn’t even know had started without me, some of my joints decided to give out on me and my workouts were becoming harder to get through with energy levels dropping.  but  then came  the transformation

TRANSFORMATION NEVER too late to start

At 50 I gave  myself a midway MOT, what I prefer to call my ‘butterfly moment’,  with dedicated training, on point nutrition, and some very select supplements, I have regained not only my muscle tone and energy, but my passion to teach. The beauty about this is that it is never too late to begin if you want to. I can show you how to
change your goals, adapt to your circumstances and keep moving! 


photo 06-06-2020, 13 50 53.jpg
Turning 50


Shelley Brackenbury

Hope you have enjoyed my story so far, and that it has inspired you to take one step closer to the new or improved You!


Remember, beginning a training program is the best decision you will ever make for yourself.

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