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Hanging Out at the Ab Lab!

Day 1 Core strengthening and working on a common weak area , core strength and grip. Everybody wants a flat tummy yet it is probably one of the areas most people leave out or at least until the last part of their workout when they have very little left in the tank.

It is very true that abs are made in the kitchen so clean eating goes along way to that six pack, and a certain level of lean is required too. You’ll also need to rest and recover appropriately, especially when you consider that negatively-impacted sleep can cause weight gain. ,

You still have to put the work in and you should work them for a number of reasons. Stability, protecting the back (antagonist opposite muscles), pelvic floor muscles and not to mention you look great in your bikini.

Your core isn't just your abs, it is also your pelvis, lower back, hips, and we want them to work in harmony to promote our stability and balance.

As we age, our core becomes even more important to avoid injury. My philosophy has always been to go for longevity and chip away daily at your health and fitness, and not leave it until something goes wrong.

It may be one of the most basic abs moves, but it’s also one of the best because as well as working your lower abs, it also activates your entire core to develop strength in the deep-lying stabilising muscles of your midsection – and it challenges your grip and forearms too.

So, on to the hanging crunches...

This particular exercise takes a reasonable amount of stability and so please warm up before beginning. It requires upper body strength and a decent grip. engage the core and don't forget to breathe out as you lower your legs (concentric movement).

Keep the reps high to exhaust the muscles I would place this at the beginning of my workout.

The hard part is control and avoiding getting a ‘swing on’ - but once you hit that sweet spot it is fun and you look bad-ass doing it too. Drop the ego, do as many as you can and build it up, after all, strength and longevity is what we are trying to achieve here. Finally, remember...You are never too long in the toof for a six pack !

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