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A little something for when the sun comes out 😎💪🏼#33

This 30 minute workout is for anyone who is bored with the treadmill and wants a little something to work cardio/lower body all in one. The exercise variation will keep you focused!

Do as many of the exercises you can from the list (preferably all) - one after the other to make one round, with a break in between of 60-90 secs.

Repeat and do this for 30 minutes. This will torch fat and tone your legs and butt! Stay hydrated throughout, especially in the sun.

You’re very welcome 😉 now go for it 💪🏼😬

Exercises include :


Squat / knee raise x10

Plies - x 10


1. Bulgarian split squat x 10 each leg

2. Squat jump x10

3. Curtsy lunge x 10

4. 3D Lunges x5 each side

5. Reverse Lunge/ Front Kick = one rep x 10

6. Squat x 10 / Abduction

7. Alternating Forward Lunge x 5 each leg


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