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Freestyle! Back & Shoulders

Hitting my back and shoulders on my freestyle day 😛…something I naturally gravitate to without persuasion! Tell me …❓🤔 What muscle groups are you always eager to train 👍🏼 and also hate the most 👎🏼

WORKOUT - Try it 😬

1️⃣Reverse Lat Pulldown - 4 x 15

2️⃣DB Saw Row 4 x 15 each

3️⃣Single Arm Cable Row each


4️⃣BB Shoulder Press (Behind Neck) x 15

5️⃣BB Upright Row x15

6️⃣Pronated DB Lateral Raise 4 x 15 🔥

7️⃣Leaning DB Lateral Raise 4 x 15

8️⃣DB Lateral Raise 4 x 15

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