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No Glute Machine, No Problem

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

Finishing off my booty workout and one of my favourite improvisations is the leg extension machine for Glute isolation. You can go as heavy as you want in a pretty stable position.

  • Slide under the foam bar , resting it over your hips. (Sometimes a towel helps depending on the weight).

  • Feet firmly planted, about 90 degree angle, pelvic thrust away!! push through those heels, whilst squeezing that tush as tight as you can,.

  • AVOID hyper extending the spine and always keep it neutral.

  • Tip - I place my hands just under the small of my back and look up 💪🏼

You can go heavy for short reps (8-10) or go light and rep it out!

My preference - heavy and short, you’ll find your sweet spot. Challenge yourself! 💪🏼

This has really put some shape into my 54 year old peach 🍑💪🏼💪🏼

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